We invest differently, but not just for the sake of it 

March 2024

One thing we are clear about at Methodical is that we are doing something different. Our equity fund works and looks like nothing else on the market. This is not out of simple belligerence. We are not natural contrarians who want to be divergent just for the sake of it.

In this industry, it’s always about people

January 2024

When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, I was working for a boutique fund of hedge funds manager in London. Over the previous ten years, I had been managing money in the UK, gaining experience in different global markets. I had travelled a lot, too – meeting some of the world’s finest hedge fund managers and seeing how they generate returns for their clients.

Fixed income quarterly report

December 2023

A new way of thinking opens up new opportunities

13 November 2023

Edo Brasecke is a Methodical Investment Management co-founder and managing director. Earlier in my career, I worked as part of a large equity strategy team. We provided research to investment managers, focusing on analysing market dynamics and macro strategy.

An asset manager needs to perform and survive

22 September 2023

Over the next few months, as Methodical Investment Management approaches its eighth year and R9bn in assets under management, we will reflect on our journey. Five years is a magical number in asset management. That’s the point when you can say you have a track record. Portfolio managers look forward to this moment like a graduation. A fund with 59 months of performance data is ‘untested’. After 60 months, those numbers are finally worth something.

Citywire Article

June 2023

Citywire response to questions about Stanlib moving to systematic only.