Investment decisions based purely on fact

Methodical is an independent, specialist fund manager. We invest solely in equities on a long-only basis. Our approach is to optimise technology and tradition, taking fundamental investment theories and applying them in a data-intensive systematic process. We are committed to delivering sustainable long-term alpha with low correlation and average volatility. Methodical’s in-house quantitative algorithms do this by reducing behavioural bias and eliminating impulsive decisions. This is investing on facts, not feelings.

a carefully engineered investment philosophy

We believe clear-headed analysis is the most reliable way to generate alpha through the cycle. Today’s integrated markets are flooded with information – but instead of seeing overload, we see opportunity.

Methodical embraces technology to process vast amounts of data and to ensure consistency of analysis across markets and time. We have developed a series of proprietary quantitative algorithms that translate our investment parameters into practice. The Methodical systematic investment process works tirelessly, extends our reach and delivers results without error or bias.

Meticulous detail at every step of the investment process

We collect massive datasets from multiple diverse sources

We test systematic ideas on data sets and apply evidence based enhancements

Investment parameters are encoded into computer-based systems to profit from the patterns



Methodical’s investment process ensures low correlation to most traditional equity funds. The Methodical fund range is a solid standalone investment as well as an excellent source of diversification for investors.

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