Methodical is passionate and committed to using time and financial resources to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable communities. We support social and educational upliftment initiatives.

Children of the Dawn

Children of the Dawn is a Non-Profit Organisation working to support and strengthen rural community initiatives which focus on caring for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa.

They want to see a just, non-discriminatory and sustainable approach to rural community development, in which everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity, and freedom from poverty and oppression. So they work to achieve food security, overall wellness, access to opportunity, and to eradicate poverty.

Their strategy is to generate a momentum of holistic, social, educational, economic and environmental justice, driven by community initiatives targeted at children and youth aged 6-24 Years old.

In practice, this means working closely with community initiatives, social movements and supporters. Together, they deliver grassroots programmes, provide emergency relief and campaign for rural community development.

Circle Productions

Westlake Primary School Drama for Kids Programme

Circle Productions offers unique, made-to-fit drama and performance skills programmes for schools and community groups, targeting those who do not have ready access to the performing arts through their schools or within their communities.

They have worked with Muizenberg High School, Westlake Primary School and Grassdale High School, Grassy Park in recent years, introducing learners, 11-18 years of age, to the wonderful world of theatre and the performing arts. Westlake Primary School, situated in the Westlake community, a mix of RDP houses and informal dwellings, is a forward thinking and dynamic school, which offers their learners, in addition to a solid educational foundation, the opportunity to thrive through a host of extra mural activities, funded primarily by corporates and private donors. Their drama skills programme runs over two years running from January to May each year for learners in Grade 6 and 7.

The Westlake Drama Club, with support from the Fondazione Labia has been running since 2019, growing its numbers from fifteen to close to forty. In 2023/2024, they welcomed additional support from Methodical Investment Management and are thrilled that the programme can continue to grow.