Methodical is passionate and committed to using time and financial resources to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable communities. We support social and educational upliftment initiatives.

The spirit and the mission of Children of the Dawn

According to the 2018 South African General Household Survey, South Africa counts some 2 254 887 orphans (0-17) having lost either one parent or both. In response to this crisis, Children of the Dawn aims at building up rural orphaned and vulnerable children into healthy, balanced and responsive adults who are able to make positive life choices. Children of the Dawn was set up in May 2002 to support and strengthen rural community initiatives, which focus on caring for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. Children of the Dawn’s goal is to give back a future to these affected children. By applying Children of the Dawn’s model, rural communities are given the financial and technical means to care for their children with a long-term, sustained and holistic approach, looking at the whole spectrum of children’s needs. At Children of the Dawn, we believe in community responses to the challenge of orphaned and vulnerable children who are cared for within their extended family or community settings.

Modus operandi

  • Number of primary children fully taken care of, as March 2021: 830
    • Mathabatha: 108 children Matatiele: 111 children
    • Bushbuckridge: 105 children Qwaqwa: 106 children
    • Ermelo: 82 children Lenyenye: 113 children
    • Mangweni: 76 children Mpumaze: 129 children
    • Support to a further 150 Musina children in terms of stimulation activities
  • Number of staff & volunteers taking care of the children across the 8 areas: 45 individuals belonging to 8 teams deeply in touch with the needs of their beneficiaries.
  • Strict monitoring and evaluation systems in place to maximize impact of investments made in the communities, children and families we

We have a 5-pronged approach aiming at creating equal development opportunities for our beneficiaries through 25 open day centres:

  • Our CARE programme: each of our beneficiaries receives on-going nutrition support, schooling support, household goods support, administrative support, emotional and trauma counselling, access to safe places, and leisure and sports
  • Our Children in Action Programme designed for children aged 5 to 13 gives our young beneficiaries the chance to access stimulating, fun and educational
  • My Future, My Responsibility is our guidance and mentoring programme targeting teenagers aged 14 and older. Through a variety of modules, we create experiential learning experiences on which our teens can build themselves and get the tools to make position-life decisions.
  • For our beneficiaries who are in tertiary or technical institutions, we offer on-going Student Mentorship and Financial
  • Cutting all our age groups and communities, we promote wellbeing and positive life values through sport via our Sport for Good programme which include original codes such as Street Soccer, Rope- Skipping, Hiking, Frontball and Extreme Sports Camps.

Accomplishments since the beginning of the programme:

  • Present and continuous sponsorship of 830 orphaned and vulnerable children; as well as 250 children that is part of our Musina initiative
  • Number of children who have passed through the organisation’s programmes: 1 563;
  • Daily impact on an additional 3 320 family members (siblings and adults);
  • Mobilisation of eight South African rural communities; Including the Musina initiative programme;
  • Creation of networking teams around the sponsored children (extended family, teachers, neighbours, small businesses, etc.);
  • Average school pass rate in 2019: 88 percent. Previously, many children did not attend school regularly;
  • Improvement in health and moral in all children;
  • 31 children, whose situation has been turned around, have been moved to the ‘Sunrise Children’ Group;
  • 51 beneficiaries now studying at universities or FET Colleges; and
  • 65 beneficiaries have now completed their tertiary studies, including our first 6 University graduates in 2017/2018
  • March 2012: Children of the Dawn finished in the top two among 41 organisations as responding to the needs of children and communities through the innovative use of sports as a tool for development (Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund / Sport for Social Change Network panel).
  • March 2014: Our Director, Magali Malherbe, receives the 2014 Trophies for the French Living Overseas in the category social & humanitarian work for her work with Children of the Dawn.
  • March 2020: Our Director, Magali Malherbe, was bestowed the distinction of Knight of the French National Order of Merit.
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