Our Approach

Investment decisions based purely on fact

Methodical was founded in 2015 as a specialist, owner-managed investment firm. We believe that smart analysts perform even better when assisted by technology. People travel faster in cars. Farmers produce more effectively with tractors. And financial professionals conduct better analysis with tools, be it an abacus, calculator or computer.

Methodical uses technology to make structural and decision-specific improvements to the overall investment process. In our hands, the investment process and the quantitative systems are one and the same. By focusing on getting the process right, the odds favour the desired outcome.

Technology also vastly extends Methodical’s investment reach, allowing us to manage global equity positions from Cape Town as easily as we manage local ones.

We believe managing risk is a key part of generating alpha.
We challenge each other and our systems to continue evolving.
We encourage a culture of full transparency and customer-focused integrity.

Our approach is built on
traditional fundamental investment theory
but applied systematically,
without sentiment, without distraction.

Methodical Key Characteristics

Owner-managed independent investment manager

Fundamental investing principles applied using systematic processes

Invest only in equities

Alpha creation through the cycle

Low correlation to other leading funds



The Methodical team creates, tests and re-develops the investment process. We continuously review and update our models.
This makes the team as critical – and as valued – as the algorithms we create. Nurturing one leads to success in the other.

Steven van Jaarsveld, CAIA
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Steven has worked in various research and portfolio manager roles in the hedge fund industry for various companies such as Octane and Blue-ink.
He focuses on Equity strategy and portfolio management of the Methodical Investment Management portfolios.
Ross Reuvers
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ross has over 34 years of domestic and international experience in both financial services and information technology.
He focuses on overall business strategy including distribution of the Methodical Investment Management portfolios.
Edo Brasecke, CFA
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Edo worked in the treasury department for Investec Bank in South Africa and the UK before moving into Investment Banking.
He focuses on Equity strategy and portfolio management of the Methodical Investment Management portfolios.

October - Methodical opens its doors


March - Move into the Methodical office in Newlands, Cape Town


June - Launch Methodical Equity Prescient Unit Trust


August - Launch Methodical Global Equity UCITS V Fund


December - Signed First Institutional Client


February - Launch of Methodical Global Equity Prescient Feeder Unit Trust


February – Signed second institutional client