About Us

Megafin is an Asset Management company based in Cape Town. Founded in 1998, Megafin provides select financial advisers with world class investment products and technology solutions to give clients, like you, better investment outcomes.


Investment solutions to meet your needs

We have developed investment solutions that help facilitate and enable the future you want. To do so, we acknowledge that investment solutions are only relevant if they truly meet your needs. Your needs, and the personalised financial advice you receive based on these needs, really do come first.

Your financial adviser is supported by systems, investment and product solutions. And, with a team in the background providing support, your adviser can spend more time with you, helping you stay on track and achieve your future.


As a financial services company we want to impact lives in a positive and relevant way.  We do this in the following ways:

By working with a leading global partner to deliver excellent and sustainable long-term investment outcomes for your future.

By working with only the very best financial advisers to ensure that your investment outcomes are realised.

By building and implementing leading edge technology solutions that support excellent financial advice.

By outsourcing fund solutions administration to Sanlam Collective Investments, a leading industry veteran.