The Alpha Generation

Methodical Investment Management (Pty) Ltd is an independent, specialist investment manager regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority and approved as an Investment Manager by the Central Bank of Ireland. We offer a broad range of solutions to meet varying investor requirements. Our approach optimises technology and tradition, taking fundamental investment theories and applying them in a data-intensive environment.

We are committed to delivering sustainable long-term alpha with low market correlation and respect for volatility.

Methodical will always be independent, employee-controlled and managed with the primary aim of delivering attractive investment returns after fees. Often, there can be conflict between the interests of management, shareholders and investors in an asset management business. Methodical will limit these conflicts by ensuring that the employees own the company and that every future employee maintains a meaningful investment in the products. Everyone at Methodical will always have real skin in the game.

We are a team of committed and experienced individuals with long and established careers in the financial markets. We operate with a flat structure and are not encumbered by the red tape and inefficiencies found in typical large investment management firms. Furthermore, as a nimble business, we can identify and take advantage of opportunities unavailable to large firms.

We offer a range of single- and multi-asset unit trusts that provide investors with exposure to a broad range of asset classes in local and global markets. We currently manage R8.5bn across the product range.