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Private Share Portfolios

We focus where we add the most value... managing equities.

Exclusive, Individualised Share Portfolios

Investor Profile These solutions are appropriate for clients with a long-term investment horizon, who understands the risks involved in investing directly into equities and who wish to exercise control over the investment process.

Investment Objective Most investor place their money into pre-set unit trusts.   Others, however, prefer to have a bespoke service: all the benefits of a private fund manager but in a private, personalised share portfolio.  In conjunction with financial advisors, Methodical offers exactly that service to investors.   The offering is simple: Methodical creates a “best view” portfolio, drawn from the JSE ALSI Top 20, that reflects factors prevalent in the market. This view is updated regularly to reflect changing conditions. Starting from this best view, investors participate on an investment committee and may adjust stock selection and weightings. They can add, veto or alter shares as they see fit in order to personalise their individual share portfolio.

To access our Private Share Portfolios, please speak directly to your financial advisor or contact us directly.

Any interested clients should first seek independent financial advice from a financial advisor.