Note to Investors

A ballot letter will be sent to investors in the Methodical Prescient Funds on 24th June 2020 informing them of the proposed merger of Methodical Investment Management (Pty) Ltd with their sister company Megafin (Pty) Ltd as well as the move to the Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) platform. Please ensure that you read this letter, as it gives you the opportunity to vote on the proposal. Investors have until 5th August 2020 to vote on the proposed amalgamation. Please be advised you will remain invested in your existing Methodical fund but utilising a different administrator. Should you have any questions, please speak to your financial adviser or call Ross Reuvers at Methodical at 021-200-5920.

Our Offering

Equity Preservation

We focus where we add the most value... managing equities.

Methodical Equity Preserver Prescient Fund

Fund Profile Suitable for investors seeking stable equity market-related returns with reduced volatility. The Fund employs asymmetric protective overlays where some upside is capped to provide downside protection.

Fund Objective The Fund strategy aims to capture at least 70% of positive equity market performance over rolling 12-month periods and not participate in more than 30% of negative movements. It does this through a systematic decision making and hedging process informed by data rather than sentiment.

Fund Inception 1 January 2019

Benchmark A composite benchmark of 65% JSE 203 and 35% STeFI.

Initial Fee (excl VAT) 0.0%

Annual Fee (excl VAT) 0.80%

Platform Availability Investec IMS
StanLIB (forthcoming)
Momentum Wealth (forthcoming)

Reg 28 No